What we do in life changes over time. Currently, Rashied Davis plays professional football. At some point he will move beyond his athletic career. Being an athlete is certainly an expression of who he is, but it is not all that he is.

His identity combines the inspiration that fuels his ideas, the drive that moves him forward and the passion to leave something, in addition to football statistics, behind.

The mission of Rashied Davis Charities is to teach students how to overcome obstacles to success through inspiration, preparation and discipline. A key component for accomplishing this mission is early literacy intervention.

The ability to read, write, speak, compute and solve problems at proficiency levels is necessary for functioning in society.


Cocktails for Education Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets, donated, and attended Rashied Davis Charities Cocktails for Education Fundraiser!

Pictures from the event will be posted soon!

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