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Saturday Place

A place where children learn to see beyond their existing circumstances, acquire the knowledge and academic skills necessary for success, and understand their obligation to self and others.

Saturday Place will provide tutoring programs in the areas of enrichment, literacy and character education for 3rd and 4th grade students, with the goal of fostering the academic skills and personal skills they need to achieve success.

Program Components

Inspiration Component: Enrichment Activities

For many students, the bulk of their learning occurs through direct instruction, leaving little opportunity to participate in enriching activities that enhance learning. Enrichment activities involve teaching academic concepts through engaging classroom projects and monthly field trips around subjects, such as, family, community, art, architecture, history and nature. All enrichment activities will be literacy based, allowing students to supplement their book learning with knowledge and skills garnered through real-life experiences.

Preparation Component: Literacy

Reading Literacy

Students will read skillfully with meaning and purpose using appropriate comprehension, vocabulary and research strategies. Appreciation of literature that represents diverse cultures, eras, and perspectives is emphasized. Students will write to communicate for a variety of purposes and audiences.

Math Literacy

Students will build and review concepts of basic facts, computational skills, number sense, and place value; communicate mathematical process in written and oral format; and apply accurate and efficient problem-solving strategies.

Discipline Component: Character Education

Children that are able to control their behavior and make good decisions perform better in school. Research supports that these behaviors can be taught with effective character education programs. Saturday Place will foster ethical, responsible and caring students by modeling and teaching good character through an emphasis on core ethical values around Six Pillars of Character and Life Skills. These positive values will be integrated into every aspect of the program.


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